Typicaltransit time of 1 to 2 days from departure arpot to destination airpot is Priorit, it is ideal for time-critical shipments. All consignments are scheduled for next direct flight or fastest available nnnetions..


Typical transit time of 3 to 4 day from departure airpot to destination airpot to destination airpot is provides a cost-effective and timely solution. ABN Shipping Services Co LL. Serves most destinations several times a week and major centers daily.


Typical transit time of 5 to 6 days from departure airpot to destination airport here transit time less critical, we recommend Economy. It is our most economical produt.

Servie options

You can specify the pick-up and delivery options you require for each single shipment Or consolidation servies, such as:

  • Air cargo worldwide : Door to Door
  • Air Cargo Imort & Export : Airpot to Airpot to Airpot
  • Air Cargo Consolidation : Door to Airpot
  • Packing & Warehousing : Airpot to Door

    FCL (Full Container Load)

    Based on carrier routing options, FCL is our best transit time-to-cost combination product for full container loads. FCL offers complete schedule flexibility, a high frequency of sailings per prot-pair, availability of equipments.

    LCL (Less-than=Container Load)

    A xompetive pricd consolidation product, LCL offers the highest levels of schedule intergrity. Due to our freight consolidation expertise and regular worldwide connections from point to point, LCL provides yo

    with reliable performance and lower supply chain cost.

    NCL (Non containerized load)

    NCL is our special product for oversized loads or those unsuitable for container loading for more complex projects we assign a dedicated team of experts with the experience and resources to match your exact requirements.

    Servie options

    You can specify the pick-up and delivery options you require for each single shipment Or consolidation servies, such as:

  • Ocean Freight : Door to Port
  • Ocean Freight Consolidation : Port to Door
  • Air Cargo Consolidation : Door to Airpot
  • Packing & Warehousing : Door to Door / Port to Port.

    Because certain shipments special hundling or the use od specialized equipment in order to comply with your instruction and legal requirements we have compiled a menu of enhancement to cover almost all everntualities. We call this SERVICE PLUS!- it can be added to any of our standard Air Freight products annd tailored to suit every requirment.

    Service Options

  • »   High Value Cargo Handling (HVC)
  • »   Dangerous Good Handling (DGR)
  • »   Stock Sensitive Cargo Handling
  • »   Temperature controlled Transportation
  • »   Cargo Insurance
  • »   Letter of Credit Processing (LC)
  • »   Certification and Legalization of document
  • »   Food and Drug Administration Filing.

  • »   We have a fleet of trailers to ply within U.A.E. for transporting containers as well as break-bulk crgo.
  • »   Inter Gulf transportation is one od our major operations.
  • »   We also handle heavy construction equipment from Dubai to various Gulf countries.

    We at ABN belive in not only providing the hiighest quality service but also providing excellent products and deliveries in order to meet the complete packaging needs of our valued customers. We offer a comprehensive variety of products to suit our huge range of clientele, providing theam a one stop shop for all their packing needs...a complete packaging solution!

    We Provide

  • »   Coeam transport-worthy Cartons (5 ply)
  • »   Stretch Film
  • »   Air Bubble Roll
  • »   Air Bubble with Aluminium foil/Foam roll/Kraft paper
  • »   Thermo Cole Sheets
  • »   Thermo Cole chips
  • »   Foam Roll
  • »   Corrugated Boards (3 ply)
  • »   Packing Paper
  • »   Hanging Wardroble with rod
  • »   BOPP Tapes
  • »   PP straps
  • All that's required to safely pack amd secure your cargo


    Project cargo is specialized field of fireight forwarding that requires immense experience, and Knowledge. Our company know which shipping line is best suited to your requirments, Whether the consignment is shipped on a flat rack or on break bulk or on a roll-on roll-off vessel. Project cargo also ocean freight, road and rail from site to instaallation. This requires managing a huge array of different infrastructures and regulatory bodies. This is what we excel in.

    Service Options

  • »   Early Trandportation planning - Heavy Life & Over-diensional cargo
  • »   Route Surveys- Consolidation, Packing Containerization
  • »   Marine Surveys- Dull & Partial Charters (Air & Sea)
  • »   Technical Support - Cargo loading Discharge & Transit Supervision.

    A Team of prefessionals specialized in Dismantling, Fixing, Packing & Transportaion of Household items, Office equipment, Vehicales, are at your service for your relocation needs, providing yyou a hassle free environment, safe transport locally or intermationally and the prices in the market.

    We also provide packing for Industrial & Oil-field Equipments for Containerized or Break bulk Shipment.


    Being responsive to our customers requirements, and to the particularities of each shopping movement, is a crucial element of ABN approach. It’s our way of ensuring the precise service needed to minimize the cost of your imports We isten. We are ask questions, we make sure we understand each other.

    And ABN shippig services is well suited to find solutions. It has the flexibility and the hard nosed professionalism that has survived the fluctuations in its shipping an extreme turbulences in shipping industryfor well over years.